The Stimulus Package is not designed to save the economy, it’s designed to save liberalism – New Republican Opportunity: Welfare Reform

The Stimulus Package is not about saving the economy, it’s all about saving liberalism and the progressive view of the future. This is a spending bill, and the only thing it is intended to do is stimulate the government. On top of it, this is wanton borrowing – we are not spending what we have, we are borrowing our children’s future.

Here are articles to keep you informed about the Stimulus Plan that will be updated daily.


New Republican Opportunity: Welfare Reform
American Spectator
By Peter Ferrara

Sweeping, historic, welfare reforms were enacted in 1996, led by the Republican congressional majorities at the time, with strong, bipartisan support. The reforms involved the old Aid to Families with Dependent Children program (AFDC), originally adopted during the New Deal. The federal funds for the program were sent back to each state with the funds to be used for a new welfare program designed by each state based on mandatory work for the able bodied.

Sweeping, Historic Success
Before the reforms, the federal AFDC funds for each state were provided through a matching formula. The more spent by each state for AFDC, the more federal matching funds were paid to each state. So the states had an incentive to sign up more and more AFDC recipients, for each new recipient effectively brought more federal funds to the state. As a result, before the 1996 reforms, the AFDC rolls grew and grew, in both good economic times and bad, apart from state AFDC experiments that began to implement the fundamental changes.

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More articles on the Stimulus Plan

Upside Down Economics – Thomas Sowell

A tainted win – National Review By Rich Lowry

President Obama’s 2,000-point tumble – Michelle Malkin

Goodbye, America! It Was Fun While It Lasted – Ann Coulter

The Real Lessons of the Great Depression – Michael Barone

Congress Passes $787B Stimulus Bill, Sends It to Obama for Signature – Fox News

House passes Obama’s economic stimulus bill – Breitbart

More articles on the Stimulus Plan

From Drudge –

Fri Feb 13 2009 09:18:52 ET

Rep. John Culberson, TX claims the “stimulus” bill must be urgently voted on today — because Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leaving at 6:00 PM for an 8 day trip to Europe!

Culberson made the charge on Houston’s KSEV radio.

Pelosi is hoping to lead a delegation to Europe; there’s a meeting with the Pope and an award from an Italian legislative group.

Calls to Pelosi’s spokesman went unreturned.

In the rushing, Democrats have now broken their promise to have the public see the $790 billion bill for 48 hours before any vote.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) predicted that none of his Senate colleagues would ‘have the chance’ to read the entire final version of the 1,071-page bill before it comes up for a final vote.


Have a good trip Nancy!


SURPRISE! Dems Break Promise: Stimulus Bill to Floor Friday


True Cost of Stimulus: $3.27 Trillion – The Foundry


The”tiny” trillion-dollar Turbaconducken you don’t care about – Michelle Malkin

Kennedy will miss porkulus vote tomorrow – Michelle Malkin

Stimulus Bill Abolishes Welfare Reform and Adds New Welfare Spending – Heritage Foundation

Here it is: All 1,434 pages of the porkulus conference report; Detailed spending tables added; More paper waste to come; Update: Look what’s back

Economic stimulus package on track for final votes on Friday – Townhall


Deal reached on stimulus plan

More wheeling, dealing, and backroom scheming February 11, 2009 05:03 PM

Republicans Shut Out of Stimulus Conference Negotiations – Human Events


Barack Obama’s savior-based economy – Michelle Malkin

There’s Still Time to Kill the ‘Spendulus’ – Fox Forum

Preparing for Failure – American Spectator

I’m sorry folks, but may I say idiot?

More articles on the Stimulus Plan:

More articles on the Stimulus Plan:

Democrats among critics of hurry-up procedures on Stimulus – Washington Times

Good News: Sen. Sessions still fighting for citizenship verification amendment

Reid blocks bipartisan amendment requiring citizenship checks for stimulus recipients – Michelle Malkin

Unemployment and Stimulus – American Spectator

Welfare Spendathon: House Stimulus Bill Will Cost Taxpayers $787 Billion in New Welfare Spending – Heritage Foundation

Conservative Groups Declare Obama’s Stimulus Bill a War on Prayer

DeMint amendment to ban religious discrimination in stimulus funding fails, 43-54 – By Michelle Malkin

Support for Stimulus Package Falls to 37% – Rasmussen Reports


Pork for Hollywood? Obama Stimulus Package Includes Film Tax Write-Off – the wrap

Democrats Divided Over Spending in Stimulus as Bill Nears $1T – Fox News

Sen. McConnell proposes more Big Government to fix Big Government debacle
By Michelle Malkin

Stimulus is Too Heavy on Spending, Says Growing Number of Senators – Fox News

Obama sees ‘tough several months’ ahead for economy – Breitbart.Com

Standing against the Left’s stimulus package –

Influential Senate Dem Questions Party Support for Stimulus Bill – Fox News

Stimulus slush fund for the housing entitlement mob – Michelle Malkin

GOP promoting own stimulus plan – The Washington Times

Shelve the Stimulus – National Review

The American Option: A Jobs Plan That Works – Heritage Foundation

Is Pelosi Panicking? Leaked Memo Lashes Out at Republicans – Human Events

Hill Republican: Stimulus aids illegal immigrants –


9 Replies to “The Stimulus Package is not designed to save the economy, it’s designed to save liberalism – New Republican Opportunity: Welfare Reform”

  1. I feel the same way. I hate what this is doing to the future of our children and grandchildren. I guess Obama and his followers just don’t care about the future generations.

  2. To many just are ready to sell everything out on the vague hope that they can get help which is actually welfare called something different. Who cares about morals and a free country if you can get paid off with money that you did not earn. No one sees beyond tomorrow and if money actually gets into the average Americans hands by some miracle it will be spent away with no marked improvement in quality of life. The only sure thing is that once people see the Government as a cash register they will line up for more every election. That is the scary thing.

  3. This stimulus is a puke bucket full of payoffs and rancid pork mingled with every sorry leftist project from the last 30 years. There should be a revolt but people are to busy watching TV to care about the destruction of freedom.

  4. Now, here’s an example of chutzpah: The Republicans didn’t get their act together enough to challenge Obama for not being constitutionally qualified to be President as an Article 2 “natural born citizen” so Obama’s White House steals the census from the Commerce Department against the specific instructions of the constitution itself — “actual enumeration” under Article 1

  5. Oh, here we go again Obama in 2006 in KENYA to PROTECT TALIBAN and AL-QUAIDA from being prosecuted for their terrorist activities to anyone including the USA. NOW he’s here and want’s to make sure the TALIBAN and AL-QUIDA don’t get caught
    1. Obama’s church just recently re-printed the HAMA’S manifesto and Obama doesn’t denounce it.

    2. Obama wants to DROP CHARGES against TERRORISTS by claiming they should get a slap on the wrist and sign a useless piece of paper that says they won’t do terrorism again BECAUSE he and ACLU thinks American’s are too stupid to notice that every treaty taliban al-quaida and terrorists have signed with Pakistan HAVE BEEN BROKEN by everyone of the terrorists So,

    3. he wants to FORCE the USA to try them in PUBLIC courts where every FBI AND CIA identities, networks, contacts and how they get their info is laid bare for every terrorist in the book to take note of and know about–which means PEOPLE there will be NO ABILITY FOR THE USA to protect ITSELF OR anyone else. Thereby accomplishing Obama’s goals of making sure NO ONE CATCHES his taliban, and Al-quida or any other terrorist in the book.

    NO wonder the all the terrorists gave their blessing to OBAMA to the elections and made sure they HID the LA SUN TIMES video and distracted the public with all that palin nudity video(yawn) taken forever ago–so no one would notice the LA SUN VIDEO showed US BRITISH AND JEWS being beheaded by al-quida and taliban.

    4. Now WASH DC even though warned by the FBI that CAIR are indeed un-indicted co-conspirators in terrorism against US. WASH DC has made it clear THEY DON’T CARE about we the people being protected so WASH DC went ahead and had 80 meetings in 2 days even though they were warned to NOT do so.

    5. WANT to know what one of OBAMA’S biggest complaints is about the USA???–That the SUPREME COURT will NOT OVERRIDE the will of the people to do what OBAMA or any DICTATOR would want them to do AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE.

    Don’t believe it??? Well, Melanie Phillips did a whole expose on the topic.

    THIS is a DEMOCRACY people and what the DEMS/COMM/GLOBALIST/FAC/MARXIST are hoping for is that American’s are too stupid to know the kind of power the American people have at their fingertips THRU THE EXCERCISING of their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS thru lobbying etc. to keep their country protected. It is the HOPE of every DEM that American’s continue to sit around wringing their hands going quote Oh WHAT CAN WE DO—instead of excercising your freedom to click and GET to your lobby groups whom will for free give you the names of your CONGRESSMAN/SENATORS and for signature support the lobbyies will see to it that our constitutional rights are protected.

    it is the DEMS HOPE that every American sits around not knowing that because this is a DEMOCRACY you can bet your life on the fact that if WE THE PEOPLE don’t get moving to make sure we protect our country LEGALLY AND LEGISLATIVELY—then EVERY legislator in WASH DC will be more than happy to make sure that every American’s freedoms get sold down the river before anyone is wise enough to notice.

    Go see for yourselves what we saw at-act for —-site.

    it’s important every American get to their lobby groups and make sure WE DON’T LEAVE WASH DC ALONE until everyone of our freedoms are iron-clad protected

  6. No bellyaching here. The Left has been a whiny bunch (what am I saying – they have been rabid!), now the shoe is on the other foot.

    It’s just that Obama has given us so much to work with.

  7. Jim…
    Leftists only think bipartisan cooperation is imperative to the political process only when they are in total power. Those who try to sell us on the fact that we should show respect for the current president are the same ones that showed no respect whatsoever towards Bush. Every dog has its day and this is really separating the wheat from the chaff. The worst thing in all of this is the amount of people that can not take any responsibility in their own lives and are willing to become wards of a socialist state. Just so long as they can watch American Idol while they collect their welfare.

  8. How do we the American people rally together to insure he has a one term Presidency like Jimmy Carter. We have to start now to ensure his defeat in four years. And that a weak candidate like John McCain who could not be elected does not run as a spoiler again. I do not want to become a socialist.

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